Redeploying high valued assets and equipment’s in warehouse across the enterprise

Shvintech offers you specialized solutions to meet your particular logistics and asset management requirements. No matter what sector you are successful in, efficient asset inventory management is essential for your company. If your business has high-value assets, you are aware of how crucial good asset management may be. Simply put, good asset management protects your company’s investments and improves the bottom line by ensuring that you get the most out of every asset you own and every dollar you spend.

Reusing carriers’ surplus or decommissioned equipment can assist cut CapEx and OpEx spending. We offer repair, testing, and reconfiguration services to transform your surplus or decommissioned equipment into functional components or systems required for network redeployment. All reused products effortlessly integrate into the network as required for entire systems, parts for expansion or spares, or repair and exchange for maintenance thanks to our high-quality service and technical expertise.

How do you handle your assets?

Asset management is the term used to describe the collection of procedures and technologies used to keep track of, maintain, and fix firm assets. It includes every stage of the asset lifespan, from acquisition through disposal.

Asset management’s primary objectives are:

  • monitoring the company’s assets
  • preserving assets in top working order to decrease the possibility of unexpected breakdowns and lengthen asset lifespan to simplify all maintenance work (be it reactive or proactive)
  • Better asset performance, fewer safety incidents, increased company productivity, and—most importantly—lower operating costs will all result from good asset management.


  • Complete visibility of surplus assets available for re-use helps avoid purchases
  • Extended lifecycles for legacy network assets
  • Improved ROI and reduced OpEx/CapEx network spend
  • Value and cost savings from idle equipment assets
  • Resale proceeds be used to fund the re-use and reconfiguration of logistics assets
  • Reduced warehouse costs by outsourcing consignment/resale and redeployment assets


  • Decommissioning (withdraw (something, especially weapons or military equipment) from service.) Logistics
  • Transportation Management
  • Grade and Verify Inventory
  • Option to Utilize Customer’s Scanner to Increase Visibility
  • Match Supply and Demand
  • Reconfiguration/Refurbish
  • Repair and Test Redeployment
  • Supplemental Product Supply
  • Remote Technical Support and Helpdesk options
  • Remarket and Resale of Excess
  • Environmentally Responsible Disposal Practices

Redeploying high-value assets and equipment in a warehouse across the entire enterprise involves a strategic process of evaluating the current state of the assets and determining their best use in the organization.

Here are some steps that can be taken to effectively redeploy high-value assets and equipment in a warehouse across the entire enterprise:

Identify the high-value assets and equipment in the warehouse: The first step is to identify the high-value assets and equipment in the warehouse. This can be done by conducting an inventory check and identifying the items that are most valuable to the organization.

Evaluate the current state of the assets: Once the high-value assets have been identified, the next step is to evaluate their current state. This includes checking their condition, age, and usage history.

Determine the best use for the assets: Based on the evaluation, determine the best use for the assets within the organization. This could involve redeploying the assets to other locations, repurposing them for different uses, or selling them if they are no longer needed.

Plan the redeployment: Once the best use for the assets has been determined, plan the redeployment process. This includes developing a timeline, identifying any necessary equipment or resources, and coordinating with relevant departments or stakeholders.

Implement the redeployment: Finally, implement the redeployment plan by moving the assets to their new location or repurposing them for their new use. Ensure that all relevant stakeholders are informed of the changes and that any necessary training or support is provided.

By following these steps, Shvintech can effectively redeploy high-value assets and equipment in a warehouse across the entire enterprise, maximizing their value and contributing to overall operational efficiency.

Modern logistics technologies ought to make life simpler rather than more difficult. We at Shvintech are dedicated to assisting teams in implementing the appropriate technology and have redeployed high-value assets and equipment throughout the organization to warehouses. We will be at your side throughout the whole implementation process, from developing the business case to training your team and beyond.

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