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Architecture and Consulting - shvintech

Architecture and Consulting

Shvintech is proficient in appraising the architecture, assessing its ability to meet non-functional requirements, detecting design errors, and identifying potential architecture risks.

Our architectural expertiseOur architectural expertise

Effective management of system capability is crucial for business success and sustenance of competitive advantage. System Architecture needs to maintain a balance across multiple factors viz. rapidly evolving technology, dynamic business scenarios, and integration with diverse systems, without increasing the cost of software development and the complexity of software systems.

Architectural thinking needs to be expressed effectively for addressing key business concerns such as the following

  • Modernizing the hardware and software environments (reduce the complexity of IT infrastructure)
  • Increasing the portability of applications
  • Addressing the security challenges associated with the integration of multiple applications, devices, and data sources
  • Facilitating the system to communicate changes in a scenario or convey new ideas through multiple channels to the right stakeholders
  • Monitoring the capability usage of system features and resources

Our approachOur approach


Recommend an approach based on the generally accepted practices for architectural description and provides a technical framework for further evolution in this area

Initiate a criteria-based selection approach to describe how the system or product will be constructed; what the critical components would be; and their fitment from a high-level, logical perspective.

Map such a selection against the available templates helps to consider architecture principles for defining the system architecture.

Key ActivitiesKey Activities

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Analysis of various system or product scenarios
  • Domain, industry practices, and statistics
  • Tools and technology usage
  • Costs and timelines
  • Learnings from a similar system
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Identification of key parameters to the architecture
  • Architectural principles applicable
  • Best practices to be followed
  • Quality of Service (QoS) to be achieved
  • Integration need
  • Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) product consideration
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Key outputs of the architecture
  • Behavioral facts or metrics of the existing environment along with the structural integration and operational behavior of an organization
  • How the concerns raised by various stakeholders are addressed along with the mapping metrics
  • Rationale behind the selection of architectural principles and tradeoff considerations
  • Metrics about the expected and targeted quality if architecture description is followed

Architecture Evaluation

Is your software architecture meeting the key business requirements of your stakeholders? Inability to evaluate fitness of the chosen architectural strategies and standards can result in disaster.Disaster that entails security goals falling, performance problems, customer dissatisfaction, barriers to scalability and availability, and systems that are too difficult to change or maintain.Instead of assuming that the system architecture will work as expected for the anticipated business goals, why not prove it methodically?
Shvintech can help boost the confidence in your chosen architecture by executing robust methods for evaluating software architecture. Shvintech is proficient in appraising the architecture, assessing its ability to meet non-functional requirements, detecting design errors, and identifying potential architecture risks to the project early on in the software development life cycle (SDLC).
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