Trusted partner to find niche, hard to find resouces for your short and long term needs.

Staffing SolutionsStaffing Solutions


ShvinTech Staffing Division has provided talented IT professionals to our customers nationwide. Our senior recruitment team and long tenure in the technology industry give Shvintech the ability to find a niche, hard to find resources. Whether it’s a long-term staff augmentation needed for an ongoing role, skills to fill a short-term project gap, or a permanent full-time employee – We deliver IT when and where you need it.

Get the fit and skills you need

Our experienced recruiters blend their technical experience with matching technology to find contingent remote or onsite professionals with the skills you need and company culture fit for your company.

Reduced costs and time

Our service saves time and cost of staffing on your own. We can find the right solution, no matter your budget.

Guaranteed customer satisfaction

We’ll find the right fit for your staffing needs. If you are not satisfied within 90 days, we’ll replace the candidate at no cost to you.

Onshore ResourcesOnshore Resources


Our Experienced Staff

Our experienced recruiters blend their technical experience with matching technology can find Permanent or Full-time resources saving our clients time and money.

Temporary or Consultant staff

Temporary or Consultant staff for both short term or long term engagements.

Temporary Staff

Try before hire option allows you to convert a temporary staff as permanent staff

Offshore ResourcesOffshore Resources


Dedicated staff

Dedicated staff exclusively working on your projects alone

Support and Maintenance

There are at times (support and maintenance) when you don’t need a full-time resource, we can assign a shared resource to keep your costs low and still maintain the expertise needed to keep the lights on

Business Support

Often to support the spikes in your business needs, we can spin off a team to jump-start your project and develop the project until your team (onsite or offshore) ready to take over.

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