Case Study- IFL

Utilizing/ Accelerating a tool and flow to manage factory logistics, either on its own or in conjunction with other software components, to speed up the onboarding of new customers and fully support the supply chain.

Case Study- IFLCase Study- IFL


For a variety of clients and industries, Our client already runs a number of operations inside factories around the world, but without a streamlined tool, which means we don’t have a standard method to carry out operations or to measure efficiency, profitability, etc., nor a client product to offer to the market, showing our expertise and experience in these operations to win new business or retain current ones.

Our approach & solution providedOur approach & solution provided

  • Shvintech and the client collaboratively evaluated several off-the-shelf options and none of them seem to fit the bill. Hence, a decision was made to build it in-house using the client’s framework for development with the following key objectives

  • To standardize operational factory flows, KPI calculation, and measurements

  • To deliver this tool in actual operations where could fit, improving productivity and operation control, and also retaining the business

  • To address the immediate need for automotive and aviation industries and also add the flexibility to enhance/extend to different verticals

  • To be flexible enough to integrate with customers’ and suppliers’ systems in order to reduce the time for implementation for client’s customers

  • To fill the void in client product offerings to customers and enable clients to compete and bid in “in-factory logistics” space with speed and accuracy

Core functionalityCore functionality

  • It is a multi-platform, multi-tenant solution (web + mobile) monitors and measures efficiency across the “core operations” of this business domain in addition to aiding in standardizing the solution across multiple sectors and clients.

    The core modules are used to implement IFL are:

    • Track & Trace

    • Handling

    • Milkrun

    • Kanban

    • Assets Management

    • Efficiency

The ImpactThe Impact

  • The strategic impact of IFL helped our client to compete internationally in the “in-factory logistics” business category, which involved managing logistics for clients at client locations.

    Client implemented the solution successfully for the following customers:

    • GE Aviation​

    • Bentley Motors​

    • Rolls-Royce​

    • Air Bus (coming soon)

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